La période de déclaration volontaire édition 2023 en Mairie de Bujumbura a débuté du 1er janvier de cette année jusqu'au 30 Mars
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Among 6 Germain Nkwirikiyedesign professionals, there's a bit of controversy surrounding the filler text. Controversy, as in Death to Lorem Ipsum.

The strength of lorem ipsum is its weakness: it doesn't communicate. To some, designing a website around placeholder text is unacceptable, akin to sewing a custom suit without taking measurements. Kristina Halvorson notes:

“I’ve heard the argument that “lorem ipsum” is effective in wireframing or design because it helps people focus on the actual layout, or color scheme, or whatever. What kills me here is that we’re talking about creating a user experience that will (whether we like it or not) be DRIVEN by words. The entire structure of the page or app flow is FOR THE WORDS.”

3 Pie KanyoniLes agents du département Informatique et du service Communication suivent, depuis ce mardi 15 octobre 2019, une formation des utilisateurs et des administrateurs du site web de la Mairie de Bujumbura.